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Product Material: High strength plastic

Product use: for a variety of car depth cleaning

Use models: General

Product Specifications: Total length: 310cm/ Sponge length: 140mm/ Sponge width: 90mm/ Sponge Thickness: 30mm

Above picture data for artificial photographic measurements, color error is inevitable, subject to prevail, please understand!

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Multifunctional Tire Brush Car Tire Wax Brush Wheel Cleaning Cleaning Sponge Sweeping Car Tools

Car Tire Cleaning Brush

Sponge Car Wax Brush

Multifunctional sponge brush, durable, easy to damage

Interior cleaning – interior maintenance – tire maintenance

This product is a professional-grade tool sponge, with durable features, can retain the integrity of raw materials in the sponge, do not drain without leakage, widely used in the car people.

High-strength sponge, also known as “wash no bad sponge”, sponge in the film sandwich, strong absorption, layers of blockade of raw materials.

Film lock design, raw materials can be completely retained in the sponge, fine workmanship, not degumming.

high-strength plastic
Using high-strength plastic, durable. Operation can be released when the light pressure of raw materials, the provincial raw materials, easy to use.

Beautifully packaged, professional-grade tools sponge, durable, non-leakage of raw materials, easy to use.