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Material: logs / mane

Origin: Taiwan

Size: 170 * 55 * 41mm

Wood thickness: 15mm

Advantages: ergonomic design, wood grip comfortable, easy to operate.

Packing: one loaded

Mã: SGGD076 Danh mục:
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Mô tả

Car wash brush, multi-function wooden handle brush, multi-purpose car interior cleaning soft brush brush general beauty tools

SGCB multi-functional wood brush, suitable for leather seats and other interior clean, easy to damage the leather, cleaning effect, good mane flexibility, not easy to deformation, not easy hair loss. Bristles brush, logs handle.

Car interior has a lot of places stubborn hard to wipe, with ordinary towels to the effect of less than the use of wood brush can easily brush stubborn stains.

Bristles brush, not easy to deformation.

The use of mane hair, no Soke, good flexibility, not easy to deformation, durable.

Wood handle body, handle the use of logs, delicate craft, corrosion and durable, intentions produced.

Implantable brush

The use of implanted brush production process, brush flat, dense, easy to fall off, flexible.

Interior applications

Automotive interior widely used, steering wheel, seats, dashboard and other places, can be scrubbed, easy to damage the interior.