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Material: ABS engineering plastics, steel, copper, polyether folder yarn, PU package folder yarn

Product use: clean cars and so on

Use of the occasion: car service shop, maintenance plant, private garage GSCB Drum SGCB Drum

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Automatic retractable tube tube water drum gas drum water mixing drum 4S shop beauty shop car washing equipment

Important: This product default water vapor mixing drum tube length of 7 meters, the other 10 meters, for other length, please contact customer service! Thank you!

Professional care & clean and beautiful

This product from the Taiwan brand, excellent quality, the products are exported to China and Europe, as peer leader. Suitable for car beauty, repair shop, personal small garage use

Simple, convenient, care, high quality

Can be with their own guns

Can be based on the use of the drum in the shop to buy the right gun, please contact customer service!

The following figure with a gun only with the camera to use, thank you!

Steel discs, the use of steel discs, to abandon the plastic material on the market, no rust, no deformation, making more durable!

Steel shaft, steel coil spring, copper shaft, steel coil spring, safe and durable, the friction down!

Thickened stainless steel buckle

Thickening stainless steel buckle, not rust, according to the scene need to be placed hanging or wall-mounted, easy to install!

Quality casting brand

Hose with superior PU package yarn clip, flexibility is twice the market; with strong resilience, not easy to deformation, anti-corrosion and other advantages; even in the north of the winter will not harden and frozen!

Different choice, different enjoyment

Full range, according to the occasion need to choose their own, with their own; improve work efficiency, improve the working environment!

SGCB quality, casting boutique

This product materials are used in the current industry advanced materials, fine workmanship; from large to small, all to the customer!

1, ABS plastic shell

Drums, drums, drums, water vapor mixing drums are used ABS plastic shell, can greatly improve the durability of the drum to extend the life of the drum!

2, mold

This product mold development technology is mature, is a good choice for the public!

3, user-friendly design

Each drum output tube about half a meter to set a positioning ball (stop ball) to prevent the output tube recycling reel too!

4, copper shaft

Copper shaft, more durable, durability is more than 2 times the iron core on the market, with the characteristics of rust is not easy!

5, copper fittings

Quick connector, copper material to create, longer life, simple operation, improve work efficiency!

Recommended scenes: widely used in 4S shop, washing workshop, repair shop, production workshop and personal small garage and other origin.

Size Information

The following is a manual measurement, it is inevitable that there will be errors, please understand!