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Kích thước: 4″/80*100*25mm

Mã: SGGA046 Danh mục:
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Twill edge polishing sponge 6 inch thick fine eccentric machine polishing disc polishing grinding mirror reduction(7inch,4 inch)

SCGB beveled polished sponge, Polished sponge from European and American material, stable and durable. Suitable for correction of local scratches。
Save time, save the province, the provincial workers。

Suitable for all kinds of scratches use, rough fine three kinds of polished sponge for selection, according to scratches to select the appropriate polishing sponge.

Note: green, blue, red: thick, medium and fine

Turn stable. This product in the polishing seal glaze process, the stability of the rotation is an important role。

Please use the correct polishing machine and the correct polishing disc size to use.

Beautifully produced. Elaborate, all the details are carefully polished.

Craftsmanship. And sponge firmly fit, not degumming. Special magic sticky, can be bonded with the polishing disc, to avoid the work off.

With the correct polishing machine and the correct polishing disc size

Addition of abrasive, the material can be a good uniform coverage in the sponge surface, to avoid waste.

product information

Brand: SGCB

Item: SG-GA046 ~ 54

Name: beveled polished sponge

Size: 4 inches (105 * 30mm)

6 inches (155 * 30mm)

7 inches (180 * 30mm)

Above for the surface and the thickness of the size of the face than the face about 1 inch

Material: PU, ultra-fine fibers

Color: red, blue, green

Advantages: stable rotation