Đế phớt đánh bóng 6″-M14


Item: SG-GD053 / SG-GD066 / SG-GD067 / SG-GD054

Name: Polisher tray

Size: 6 inches 150mm / 7 inches 177mm / 7 inches 177mm / 6 inches 150mm

Thread specifications: M14 / M14 / M16 / M16

Material: Plastic plate / PU / Velcro Sticky

Advantages: not easy to deformation, durable

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Polishing machine tray replacement plate self – adhesive plate high – speed tray polishing machine accessories
Polishing machine tray
Car Polishing Buffer
Polishing Buffer

High speed tray / polishing machine tray

The edge of the tray is soft and deformable. When the surface is polished, the tray can fit the curvature of the polished working surface, making it easier to achieve the polishing effect

Positive thread

The front thread can be screwed on the grinding machine, the product has 3 sizes optional.

One injection molding

The advanced one-in-one injection molding process ensures that there is no degumming between the components of the pallet. Microporous foam material is soft and tough and durable, with excellent rebound performance, the use of buffer vibration, to avoid the conventional hard tray in the work may occur when the beating.

Note: This product is not sponge, with plans to show it.

Good sticky

VELCRO good use of sticky, sticky lasting. Durable, suitable for flat sponge plate or wool tray.

Uses: imported material self-adhesive plate and grinding machine supporting the use of the front thread can be screwed on the grinding machine, the opposite can be attached to the flocking sandpaper, water mill or self-adhesive wool ball, widely used in artificial stone, furniture and wood products, Metal, car and other items of grinding and polishing.

Features: Import high elasticity of high toughness material stick plate, the buffer effect is good, in the high-speed rotation is not easy to produce wax on the paint.