Phớt đất sét SGCB (Taiwan)


Kích thước:  6″/150*19mm

Mã: SGGE010 Danh mục:
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Magic clay pad polishing surface made of import volcanic mud, its texture is clear, mud is pure, not easy to bond with paint.

Using Taiwan nanotechnology,

The polishing surface is perfectly bond with the foam pad, contour artistic, works excellent, practical, prolong service life, not easy to separate of the backing pad.

The pad’s polishing surface is 6 inches larger, fast cleaning speed, save time, give you an unbelievable effect, keep your car gloss and smooth. Special hook and loop backing pad, strong adherence force, not easy to fall out.

Generally, it can clean 80 vehicles (depend on the car situation)

Use with pneumatic waxing machine can promote speed more than 5 times, it’s the necessary product for auto-care and the enthusiast

Tips for use:

1, clean up the dirt of car body, wash accumulated thoroughly, do not need to dry;

2, the pad fully soaked with water, gently glide the car paint;

3, Keep the pad wet when you are wiping, you can rinse the pad during use, and can avoid the dirt grain scratch paint;

4, after wiping entire car, reoccupy rinse car body by water again


With no oil detergent mixture (e.g., asphalt cleaning agent) to use, please do not use too much pressure to wipe, lest produce scratches.

It is strictly prohibited to more than 40 ℃ high-temperature places for a long time, avoid working in high temperature too.

If mud face serious pollution or tacky, please replace the new product, so as not to scratch the car paint, dry after use, place in clean container and shade.