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Chamfered edge pad reduce probability that blacking plate scratching paint

Green is cutting pad, blue is polishing pad, and red is finishing pad, according to scratches to choose suitable foam

Can evenly cover the abrasive agent on the foam surface, avoid to wasting

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Auto polishing sponge flat polishing disc 4S shop car wash polishing machine dedicated polishing wheel
Auto polishing flat sponge
Buffing Pad For Car Buffer Polisher Sanding,Polishing, Waxing
flat Buffing Pad For Car

SGCB Flat Polishing Sponge. This product is imported from Europe and the United States sponge, durable, stable rotation, can replace the wool plate correction local scratches, operating area is small, to reduce the scope of polishing on the paint damage.

Thickness optional, four kinds of thickness to choose from, so that scratches without any escape.

Orange, yellow, blue —— thick, medium and fine

New PU material. Using a new PU material, cotton fine, wear-resistant, can be a good mark to amend over, reducing the paint on the paint damage.

The devil is crimson. Suede is used with the hook surface of a strong cohesion of the devil, high firmness, making the job is not easy to fall off.

Craftsmanship. From Taiwan’s tailoring, sponge edge cutting smooth and tidy.

Beautifully produced. Fluff and mattress tight fit, making the work is not easy to fall off.

Four colors, thickness cut all have. Choose a different color, cutting force is also different.

Stable rotation, can be used with coarse cut wax.

Tips: Please cooperate with a special polishing machine, the effect is better. This product in addition to yellow 6 inches and 3 inches, the other three colors are 6 inches, please match the size of the polishing machine!